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In previous articles we’ve talked about how we can implement a simple game using actors, and how we can use Akka’s remoting functions to build actor networks, so it’s time we put the pieces together and create a multiplayer game.

The game we’ll implement is called pişti or bastra, a card game that can be played with 2 to 4 people, and is pretty popular among people of all ages due to its simplicity.

At the start, each player is dealt 4 cards, and 4 other cards are placed in the middle of the table (also called the board), with one of them open. To ensure fairness, any jacks that are dealt on the board stack is randomly replaced with another from the deck so the players can get them later. On each turn, a player plays a card from their hand and places it on the board. If the card that is played is a jack, or if it matches the one on top of the board stack, the player collects the board (also called fishing) and earns points. If not, the card is left on the stack and the turn passes over to the next player. If the player runs out of cards they’re dealt 4 more, and the game lasts until all cards are played out. Once they are, whoever has the highest score wins the game.