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Hey, I’m Yalin, an independent software engineer based in Turkey (GMT+3).

I’m currently offering my services as a full-time engineer for tl;dv, the AI-powered meeting recorder.

Why the Blog?

Programming is my biggest hobby after gaming, so whenever I have some free time I partake in the so-called “recreational programming”. Working with different tools, programming languages, and paradigms gives me the “rush” of learning new things, which was why I got into programming in the first place.

I use this blog to share what I’ve learned throughout my journey, which not only helps me verify my learnings, but also improve them. In today’s world, a more appropriate medium for this kind of endeavor would perhaps be YouTube, but having done that for some time in a specific topic under a pseudonym, I know how much effort it requires, and how it’s impossible for me to find that the time to spend that effort.

If you’re interested in building your own blog, go check out Hugo, it’s one of the most modern static HTML generators our there. This blog uses Hugo with a modified version of the Blowfish theme: ygunayer/blowfish


Throughout my professional career I’ve had the pleasure to build various products from private cloud storage systems with real-time synchronization to multiple search infrastructures, and from custom DSLs to LLM-based AI generation systems.

The pace of learning in your professional career eventually plateaues, so I like to dabble in other types of projects in my free time. In particular, I love working with Elixir, Go, and Godot Engine; they’re the primary building blocks of my hobby work. But I also like spending time with C, C++, Rust, OCaml and Zig.

At this time, my main topics of interest are toy programming languages (lexers, parsers, compiler front-ends and back-ends, you name it), video games (anything from programming to art and to modeling), and developer tools (SDKs, CLIs, etc.).


If you’re interested to talk about my services, or to talk about software in general, please feel free reach me out at yalin [at] gunayer [dot] com, or through one of my online profiles listed below: